Why Malta Is The iGaming Hub Of The World

Among all the places around the globe, a huge number of iGaming big-shots gathered in Malta. This is, of course, no accident. Learn why this country deserves the title ‘iGaming hub of the world’, and why it appeals so much to the iGaming industry.

Malta and iGaming

In fact, over 250 iGaming companies are located in this nation. This is because Malta has all the right conditions for the industry to thrive.

The Maltese Government Pushes Hard for iGaming

Furthermore, Malta is part of the European Union. This membership enables Maltese businesses to expand all across Europe. Malta also has a longstanding expertise in regulating online gaming.

Malta Has a Good Environment for iGaming Businesses

Situated in between Europe and Africa, Malta provides opportunities for cross-continent networking. Talking about networking, there are many iGaming events and conferences held every year, which keeps the business thriving and moving forward.

Malta is Simply a Great Place to Live In

In addition, Malta offers security like none other. The country has the lowest crime rate in the EU, and the medical system here is ranked number 5 worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO). Healthcare is publicly funded and free at the point of delivery, but there is also the option of private healthcare for those who want it.

Famous iGaming Events in Malta

iGaming IDOL


The Malta Gaming Awards

The Future of Malta is Here To Stay

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