The Unwritten Rules When Chatting With Live Dealers

One of the perks of live dealer games is that you can interact with the dealers, sometimes even other players. But live chatting comes with certain codes of manners. Not knowing these may make you look like a jerk or get a straight-up ban from the game.

Appropriate Manners At A Live Casino Game Table

The safety of your own four walls might make you look at the dealers and other players as virtual characters. The first step to good manners is to remind yourself that there is a real human on the other end.

Don’t Join A Table Without Knowing How To Play The Game

There’s no shame being a beginner — we all start somewhere. But the rules of certain games are too lengthy for the dealer to explain to you. Instead, get familiar with the game by playing demo versions of it before joining a live table.

Don’t Complain To The Dealer About The Casino

If you have concerns about in-game specifics regarding cards or chips, you can ask the dealer about it. But they have nothing to do with the management of the casino. So take those complaints to customer support.

Don’t Accuse The Dealer Without Evidence

Many players get frustrated when they’re on a losing streak, so they blame it on the dealer. Unless you have proof, this type of behaviour is unacceptable. The dealer doesn’t gain anything from you losing, or winning for that matter.

Greet The Dealer

Don’t make the dealer greet you by your preferred title like ‘Mr Anderson’. The dealer greets everyone by their username because that’s the only information they have. Also, it goes without saying that you should greet back with a simple ‘hello’.

Don’t Antagonize Other Players

If you don’t want to be avoided everywhere you go, you might want to treat other players like how you’d want to be treated. Don’t insult others, accuse them of cheating, show your hands, brag about your wins…

Protect Your Identity

In tables where other players can see your messages, remember to never mention your personal details to the dealer. You never know when you encounter an identity thief.

Don’t Make The Dealer Uncomfortable

Dealers are not allowed to flirt with customers, they also can’t talk too much because they have a job to do. So try to keep away from flirting or bothering them.

Friendly Jokes Are Always Welcomed

One dealer can work very long hours so it doesn’t hurt to cheer them up a little. Friendly banters also liven up the table atmosphere — it’s the social aspect that makes a live casino game after all. But remember: keep the jokes civil and light-hearted.

It’s Not A Dealer’s Duty To Remember You

Like anyone in customer service, they deal with thousands of people every week. Don’t get offended when dealers can’t recall past conversations with you, even if you’re a regular.

No Politic And Religion In The Gaming Table

Of course this isn’t a rule and you still have your freedom of speech, but it’s recommended that sensitive subjects should be avoided. They’re simply not suitable when other people are trying to have fun.

Dealers Are Not Tailor-Made For You

You can’t expect dealers to deal the cards the exact way you like it. Dealers are professionals too — they’ve trained to do their job with the most efficiency, so respect their professionalism.

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