Cryptocurrencies rose to the forefront of the investing world years ago when Bitcoin was introduced. Since then, there have been thousands of altcoins developed, many of which enjoyed no success at all. However, there are some coins that still manage to be immensely popular — here’s the list of the most formidable titles in the crypto niche.

Bitcoin (BTC)

After all, Bitcoin was the father of cryptocurrency. What’s more, the trading price for Bitcoin still leaves all competition in the dust even after all these years. …

Ever wonder whether the famous people you see on screen share the same love for gambling as you do? Well, turns out there are too many of them to mention in one article. But here are 9 prominent figures who are both super famous and fond of gambling, some of whom may surprise you.

Queen Elizabeth

Even the royalty loves to gamble. Queen Elizabeth, for example, is a passionate fan of horse betting. She also put her own horses into the race and they were so good that they made her a fortune of $9.4 million. …

One of the perks of live dealer games is that you can interact with the dealers, sometimes even other players. But live chatting comes with certain codes of manners. Not knowing these may make you look like a jerk or get a straight-up ban from the game.

Appropriate Manners At A Live Casino Game Table

The safety of your own four walls might make you look at the dealers and other players as virtual characters. The first step to good manners is to remind yourself that there is a real human on the other end.

Don’t Join A Table Without Knowing How To Play The Game

There’s no shame being a beginner — we all start somewhere. But the…

From the jungle of casinos in Las Vegas to the high-roller experience of Macau, nobody can deny the magnitude of the gambling industry. In the background still, millions of people gamble online every day and there are betting sites for all kinds of sports. So, what is the psychology for humans’ crave for gambling?

Casinos Are Playgrounds For Adults

People underestimate how appealing and diverse casino games are. Casinos put effort into making sure everything in their four walls is stimulating: from visuals to sounds and even scents.

There is also a casino game for every type of personality. You can play slots in solitude…

Gambling is a billion-dollar entertainment industry, but to some players, entertainment is not enough. They want to win, to make a profit not once in a blue moon but consistently. Standing in their way is the house edge, designed to give the advantage to the casinos. So, these players invent systems of betting that will finally take down the casino — except…they actually won’t.

Are Betting Systems Complicated?

Not at all, no one is a scientist here. In fact, if you place the same bet for the whole time, you’re basically using a betting system called flat bet. …

Unlike other countries, the USA is a fairly new nation yet it has gone through constant changes during its course of history. Surprisingly, gambling has always been there from the start, only that its popularity and nature have experienced a lot of transformations.

Gambling and The Foundation of The USA

In 1776, when the Continental Congress fought against England, the war was costing an incredible amount of money. This forces the Congress to use raffles to raise more money for the army. The raffles were the main source of funding and it’s hard to tell how the war would have played out without it.

Gambling in The Early Years of America

Gambling took multiple…

Among all the places around the globe, a huge number of iGaming big-shots gathered in Malta. This is, of course, no accident. Learn why this country deserves the title ‘iGaming hub of the world’, and why it appeals so much to the iGaming industry.

Malta and iGaming

There is plenty of statistics to support the exponential growth of iGaming in Malta. iGaming alone contributes €700m a year to Malta’s GDP, which is 13% of the total figure. Many notorious names in the online gambling world have chosen Malta as their base, including NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.

In fact, over 250 iGaming companies are…

NFTs have been making quite a wave in 2021. Multiple digital artworks and weird items on the Internet have been sold as NFTs for astounding figures. Particularly, a piece called Everyday: The First 5000 Days was sold for $69 million. So, big numbers aside, what do NFTs really mean?

Defining NFTs

NFTs stand for ‘non-fungible tokens’, which mean they are unique and irreplaceable. In contrast, most currencies and cryptocurrencies are fungible: 1 dollar equals 1 dollar, 1 ETC equals 1 ETC…

Because every digital artefact can be replicated with Copy+Paste, NFTs are there to prove that you have ownership of it, whether…

China is like a mystery in the eyes of foreigners since everything is closely watched and censored. It is generally known that gambling is against the law in China, but most people have very little idea about the intricacies of Chinese gambling laws, let alone Hong Kong and Macau.

Gambling in Macau

It’s astonishing how different Macau is from China and Hong Kong: this place is a gamblers’ dream. Macau is where some of the most extravagant casinos reside and where the highest of high-rollers conglomerate. …

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